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Alarmsystemen - Deel 5: Beproevingsmethoden op de invloed van omgevingsfactoren

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 33
Commissie Alarmsystemen
Gepubliceerd op 01-08-1995
Taal Engels
This standard specifies environmental test methods to be used for testing the system components of the following alarm systems, intended for use in and around buildings: intruder alarm systems, hold-up alarm systems, social alarm systems, CCTV systems, for security applications, access control systems, for security applications. This standard specifies three equipment classes (Fixed, Movable & Portable equipment) and four environmental classes. The environmental classes only include the general service environments envisaged for equipment installed in typical residential, commercial and industrial environments. It may be necessary for the product standard to require additional or different environmental tests or severities where: a) there could be specific environmental problems (e.g. some different severities may be required for break glass detectors stuck to glass windows, due to the local extrems of temperature and humidity), b) the test exposure falls within the intended detection phenomenon of the detector (e.g. during a vibration test on a seismic detector). In order to provide reproducible test methods and to avoid the proliferation of technically similar test methods, the test procedures have been chosen, where possible, from internationally accepted standards (e.g. IEC Publications). For specific guidance on these tests, reference should be made to the appropriate document, which is indicated in the relevant sub-section. For more general guidance and background information on environmental testing reference should be made to IEC Publications 68-1 and 68-3.


ICS-code 13.320
Nederlandse titel Alarmsystemen - Deel 5: Beproevingsmethoden op de invloed van omgevingsfactoren
Engelse titel Alarm systems - Part 5: Environmental test methods
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  • 93/38/EEG,



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