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Alarmsystemen - Alarmtransmissiesystemen en -apparatuur - Deel 3: Eisen voor de alarmontvanger (RCT)

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Commissie Alarmsystemen
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2011
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This standard specifies the minimum equipment requirements for the performance, reliability, resilience, security and safety characteristics of the receiving centre transceiver (RCT) installed in ARC and used in alarm transmission systems. The alarm transmission system requirements and classifications are defined within FprEN 50136-1. Different types of alarm systems may in addition to alarm messages also send other types of messages, e.g. fault messages and status messages. These messages are also considered to be alarm messages. Messages used for line monitoring (e.g. polling) are not included in the definition of alarm messages. The term alarm is used in this broad sense throughout the document. Additional requirements for the connection of specific types of alarm systems are given in the relevant European Standards. Where application specific standards exist, the RCT shall comply with relevant standards called up by that application. The RCT can be either an integrated element of any receiving/annunciation equipment, or a stand-alone device. In either case, the requirements of this standard shall apply. The responsibility of the RCT is to receive alarm messages, forward alarm messages to one or more AEs and send acknowledgements to the SPTs. Management of the transmission network is not in the scope of this standard.


ICS-code 13.320
Nederlandse titel Alarmsystemen - Alarmtransmissiesystemen en -apparatuur - Deel 3: Eisen voor de alarmontvanger (RCT)
Engelse titel Alarm systems - Alarm transmission systems and equipment - Part 3: Requirements for Receiving Centre Transceiver (RCT)
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