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Information technology - Generic cabling systems - Part 3: Industrial spaces

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Commissie Interconnection of information technology equipment
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2017
Taal Engels
This standard specifies generic cabling to serve the automation islands in industrial premises, or industrial  spaces within other types of building.  It covers balanced cabling and optical fibre cabling.  This standard specifies directly or via reference to EN 50173-1 the:  - structure and minimum configuration for generic cabling within industrial spaces;  - interfaces at the telecommunications outlet (TO);  - performance requirements for cabling links and channels;  - implementation requirements and options;  - performance requirements for cabling components;  - conformance requirements and verification procedures.  This standard has taken into account requirements specified in application standards listed in EN 50173-1.  Safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements are outside the scope of this standard and are  covered by other standards and regulations. However, information given in this standard can be of assistance  in meeting these standards and regulations.


ICS-code 35.110
Engelse titel Information technology - Generic cabling systems - Part 3: Industrial spaces
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