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Information technology - Cabling installation - Part 2: Installation planning and practices inside buildings

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Commissie Interconnection of information technology equipment
Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2017
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This European Standard specifies requirements for the following aspects of information technology cabling:  a) planning;  b) installation practice.  This European Standard is applicable to all types of information technology cabling inside buildings (and may  be applied to cabling that is defined as part of the building) including generic cabling systems designed in  accordance with the EN 50173 series. The requirements of Clauses 4, 5 and 6 of this standard are  premises-independent unless amended by the requirements of premises-specific clauses.  This European Standard:  1) details the considerations for satisfactory installation and operation of information technology cabling;  2) describes the methodology for the assessment of spaces, pathways (and pathway systems) and cabling  (either installed or planned) in support of remote powering objectives;  3) excludes specific requirements applicable to other cabling systems (e.g. power supply cabling);  however, it takes account of the effects other cabling systems have on the installation of information  technology cabling (and vice versa) and gives general advice;  4) excludes those aspects of installation associated with the transmission of signals in free space between  transmitters, receivers or their associated antenna systems (e.g. wireless, radio, microwave or satellite).  This European Standard is intended for application within commercial and residential premises.  This standard is applicable to certain hazardous environments. It does not exclude additional requirements  which are applicable in particular circumstances, defined by e.g. electricity supply and electrified railways.


ICS-code 35.110
Engelse titel Information technology - Cabling installation - Part 2: Installation planning and practices inside buildings
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