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Windturbines - Veiligheidsmaatregelen - Eisen voor ontwerp, gebruik en onderhoud

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Windturbines
Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2004
Taal Engels
This European Standard specifies requirements for protective measures relating to the health and safety of personnel, relevant to commissioning, operation and maintenance of wind turbines. It does not describe instructions and provisions for safe working during manufacture, transport, assembly and installation of the wind turbine. Requirements are specified regarding - hardware provisions being a part of the turbine such as platforms, ladders, lighting, - manuals and warning signs to accommodate safe and quick operation, inspection and maintenance. The requirements and/or measures specified account for the hazards - of mechanical origin such as falling, slipping, locking in, - of thermal origin (fire) such as burns by flames or explosions, - of electricity such as contact with live parts, - generated by noise such as stress and loss of hearing, - generated by neglecting ergonomic principles in machine design such as unhealthy postures or human errors. This standard is prepared for horizontal axis, grid connected wind turbines. For other concepts (e.g. vertical axis turbines) the principles are still valid, but the specific rules or requirements have to be adjusted to the actual concept. Additional provisions and procedures are necessary for turbines installed in water or offshore. The present document only draws attention to these. Provisions and procedures for lifts and Suspended Access Equipment (SAE) in the turbine tower are not included in this standard. This standard is not applicable to wind turbines manufactured before the date of its publication by CENELEC.


ICS-code 27.180
Nederlandse titel Windturbines - Veiligheidsmaatregelen - Eisen voor ontwerp, gebruik en onderhoud
Engelse titel Wind turbines - Protective measures - Requirements for design, operation and maintenance
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