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Application of equipotential bonding and earthing in buildings with information technology equipment

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Commissie Interconnection of information technology equipment
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2006
Taal Engels
This European Standard applies to the equipotential bonding inside buildings in which information technology equipment is going to be installed. It contributes to the standardisation of information technology equipment and co-ordinates with the pre-requirements of the generic installation conditions as outlined in IEC 60364-5-548 to achieve the following targets: a) safety from electrical hazards; b) reliable signal reference within the entire information technology installation; c) satisfactory electromagnetic performance of the entire information technology installation. A defined bonding configuration down to the equipment level;independent of the equipment Supplier;is intended to facilitate;the installation, operation and maintenance of information technology installations in buildings;;the interworking between different information technology equipment (interconnected by metallic links). The specification of information technology equipment and of the pre-requirements of installation are subject to agreement of the parties (e. g. the equipment supplier and the purchaser or building owner). This standard applies to buildings with information technology equpiment or in which the installation of information technology equipment is intended. It provides additional information for architects of buildings and for designers and installers of electrical installations of buildings on some installation concepts that limit electromagnetic influences. Basic considerations are given here to mitigate such influences that may result in disturbance. This standard does not apply to buildings which may be subject to a harsh electromagnetic environment, or rooms containing the generation, transmission or termination of voltages over AC 1000 V. This standard does not address the specific requirements for telecommunication centres; these are specified in EN 300253.


ICS-code 33.100
Engelse titel Application of equipotential bonding and earthing in buildings with information technology equipment
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