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Alcoholsloten - Beproevingsmethoden en prestatie-eisen - Deel 6: Beveiliging van gegevens

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NEN-EN 50436-6 specifies security requirements for the protection and handling of event records which are stored in the data memory of breath alcohol controlled alcohol interlocks and which may be downloaded, processed and transferred to supervising persons or organizations. This European Standard is a supplement to EN 50436-1. It is to be decided by the respective jurisdiction whether the present standard has to be applied in addition to EN 50436-1. This European standard may also be used as a supplement to EN 50436-2 if a jurisdiction or a vehicle fleet operator decides that the data security in his preventive application has to have the same high level of requirements as for alcohol interlocks used in drink-driving-offender programmes. This European Standard is mainly directed to test houses, manufacturers of alcohol interlocks, legislating authorities and organizations which handle and use the alcohol interlock event records. In this European Standard, the alcohol interlock consists basically of handset and control unit. Optional accessory devices (e.g. cameras or GPS systems generating data related to event data of the alcohol interlock, as well as accessory devices handling or transferring data for a drink-driving-offender programme) authorized by the manufacturer as being part of the alcohol interlock system and which are intended to be used in the vehicle during operation are also to be considered part of the alcohol interlock, where applicable. The service application communicates with the alcohol interlock and sends out the event records to a register, either directly or alternatively indirectly through a broker. The scheme is depicted in Figure 1. It also shows which parts are within the scope of this European Standard and which are outside of the scope.


ICS-code 43.040.10
Nederlandse titel Alcoholsloten - Beproevingsmethoden en prestatie-eisen - Deel 6: Beveiliging van gegevens
Engelse titel Alcohol interlocks - Test methods and performance requirements - Part 6: Data security
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