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Alcoholsloten - Beproevingsmethoden en prestatie-eisen - Deel 7: Installatiedocument 

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Commissie Alcoholslot
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2015
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This European Standard defines the content and the layout of an installation document providing necessary  and useful information about the aftermarket installation of an alcohol interlock into a vehicle. It details the  type of the vehicle, connection schematics, accessibility instructions and recommendations to avoid safety  risks.  The contents and layout ensures that the information document be easy to use by installers in different  countries and may be available in paper or electronic format.  This European Standard is applicable to alcohol interlocks for drink-driving-offender programs (as in 68 EN 50436-1) as well as to alcohol interlocks for general preventive use (as in EN 50436-2).  This European Standard is mostly intended for vehicle manufacturers and manufacturers of alcohol interlocks.  This European Standard does not apply to  - the process of handling the installation documents, - the installation process,  - information related to education and training for installers,  - general performance requirements for alcohol interlocks (see EN 50436-1 and EN 50436-2), - the installation of the alcohol interlock during the production of the vehicle.


ICS-code 13.320
Nederlandse titel Alcoholsloten - Beproevingsmethoden en prestatie-eisen - Deel 7: Installatiedocument 
Engelse titel Alcohol interlocks - Test methods and performance requirements - Part 7: Installation document
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