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Energietransformatoren bestemd voor gebruik met 50 Hz met een hoogste spanning van het materieel niet hoger dan 36 kV - Deel 1: Algemene eisen

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Commissie Energietransformatoren en meettransformatoren
Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2017
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This European Standard covers medium power transformers. ‘Medium power transformer’ means a  power transformer with a highest voltage for equipment higher than 1,1 kV, but not exceeding 36 kV  and a rated power equal to or higher than 5 kVA but lower than 40 MVA.  National practices may require the use of highest voltages for equipment up to (but not including)  52 kV, when the rated voltage is less than 36 kV (such as Um = 38,5 kV or Um = 40,5 kV). This is  considered to be an unusual case of a large power transformer, where the requirements are those for  a medium power transformer with Um = 36 kV.  The object of this European Standard is to set up requirements related to electrical characteristics  and design of medium power transformers.  The following transformers are excluded from this European Standard:  a) instrument transformers, specifically designed to supply measuring instruments, meters, relays  and other similar apparatus;  b) transformers with low-voltage windings specifically designed for use with rectifiers to provide a  DC supply;  c) transformers specifically designed to be directly connected to a furnace;  d) transformers specifically designed for offshore applications and floating offshore applications;  e) transformers specially designed for emergency installations;  f) transformers and auto-transformers specifically designed for railway feeding systems;  g) earthing or grounding transformers, this is, three-phase transformers intended to provide a  neutral point for system grounding purposes;  h) traction transformers mounted on rolling stock, this is, transformers connected to an AC or DC  contact line, directly or through a converter, used in fixed installations of railway applications;  i) starting transformers, specifically designed for starting three-phase induction motors so as to  eliminate supply voltage dips;  j) testing transformers, specifically designed to be used in a circuit to produce a specific voltage or  current for the purpose of testing electrical equipment;  k) welding transformers, specifically designed for use in arc welding equipment or resistance  welding equipment;  l) transformers specifically designed for explosion-proof and underground mining applications;  m) transformers specifically designed for deep water (submerged) applications;  n) medium Voltage (MV) to Medium Voltage (MV) interface transformers up to 5 MVA;  o) large power transformers where it is demonstrated that for a particular application, technically  feasible alternatives are not available to meet the minimum efficiency requirements set out by  the commission regulation (EU) No 548/2014;  p) large power transformers which are like for like replacements in the same physical  location/installation for existing large power transformers, where this replacement cannot be  achieved without entailing disproportionate costs associated to their 92 transportation and/or installation. In case one of the last two exclusions is claimed, this should be documented at the signature of the contract with a declaration made by the customer.


ICS-code 29.180
Nederlandse titel Energietransformatoren bestemd voor gebruik met 50 Hz met een hoogste spanning van het materieel niet hoger dan 36 kV - Deel 1: Algemene eisen
Engelse titel Medium power transformers 50 Hz, with highest voltage for equipment not exceeding 36 kV - Part 1: General requirements



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