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Elektromagnetische compatibiliteit van multimedia-apparatuur - Emissie-eisen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2012
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This International Standard applies to multimedia equipment (MME) as defined in 3.1.23 and having a rated r.m.s. AC or DC supply voltage not exceeding 600 V. Equipment within the scope of CISPR 13 or CISPR 22 is within the scope of this publication. MME intended primarily for professional use is within the scope of this publication. The radiated emission requirements in this standard are not intended to be applicable to the intentional transmissions from a radio transmitter as defined by the ITU, nor to any spurious emissions related to these intentional transmissions. Equipment, for which emission requirements in the frequency range covered by this publication are explicitly formulated in other CISPR publications (except CISPR 13 and CISPR 22), are excluded from the scope of this publication. This document does not contain requirements for in-situ assessment. Such testing is outside the scope of this publication and may not be used to demonstrate compliance with it. This publication covers two classes of MME (Class A and Class B). The MME classes are specified in Clause 4. The objectives of this publication are: 1) to establish requirements which provide an adequate level of protection of the radio spectrum, allowing radio services to operate as intended in the frequency range 9 kHz to 400 GHz; 2) to specify procedures to ensure the reproducibility of measurement and the repeatability of results.


ICS-code 33.100.10
Nederlandse titel Elektromagnetische compatibiliteit van multimedia-apparatuur - Emissie-eisen
Engelse titel Electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment - Emission requirements
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