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Transporteurs - Veiligheids- en EMC-eisen voor stukgoedtransporteurs van transporteenheden

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Commissie Transporteurs
Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2019
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This document deals with the technical requirements to minimize the hazards listed in Annex F. These hazards can arise during the operation and maintenance of continuous handling equipment and systems when carried out in accordance with the specifications given by the manufacturer or his authorized representative. This document deals with safety related technical verification during commissioning.  This document applies to mechanical handling devices as defined in Clause 3, singly or combined to form a conveyor system, and designed exclusively for moving unit loads continuously on a predefined route from the loading to the unloading points, possibly with varying speed or cyclically. In general, it also applies to conveyors which are built into machines or attached to machines.  Safety requirements and/or measures in this document apply to equipment used in all environments. However, additional risk assessments and safety measures need to be considered for uses in severe conditions, e.g. - freezer applications, - high temperatures, - corrosive environments, - strong magnetic fields, - potentially explosive atmospheres, - radioactive conditions and loads the nature of which could lead to a dangerous situation (e.g. molten metal, acids/bases, especially brittle loads, explosives), - operation on ships and earthquake effects and - contact with foodstuff.  This document deals with the technical requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).  This document does not cover hazards during decommissioning. It also does not cover operation in environments where the electromagnetic disturbances are outside the range of those specified in EN 61000-6-2:2016. This document does not apply to conveying equipment and systems used underground or in public areas and to aircraft ground support equipment. In public areas only baggage carousels and check-in conveyors for airports are dealt with in this document.  This document is not applicable to continuous handling equipment and systems manufactured before the date of its publication.


ICS-code 53.040.10
Nederlandse titel Transporteurs - Veiligheids- en EMC-eisen voor stukgoedtransporteurs van transporteenheden
Engelse titel Continuous handling equipment and systems - Safety and EMC requirements for equipment for mechanical handling of unit loads



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