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Landbouwmachines - Opraappersen - Veiligheid

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Commissie Landbouwwerktuigen
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2009
Taal Engels
This standard specifies safety requirements and their verification for design and construction of self-propelled and trailed pick-up balers independent of the shape or size of the bales formed. It describes methods for the elimination or reduction of risks which need specific requirements for pick-up balers. It does not deal with hazards which are common to all agricultural machines particularly common hazards related to mobility, including those specific to self-propelled machines. These aspects will be dealt with in another standard produced by CEN/TC 144 (see introduction). In addition, it specifies the type of information on safe working practices to be provided by the manufacturer. The list of significant hazards dealt with in this standard is given in annex A. Annex A also indicates the hazards which have not been dealt with. Environmental aspects have not been considered in this standard. This standard applies primarily to machines which are manufactured after the date of issue of the standard.


ICS-code 65.060.50
Nederlandse titel Landbouwmachines - Opraappersen - Veiligheid
Engelse titel Agricultural machinery - Pick-up balers - Safety
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