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Meubelen - Stapelbedden voor huishoudelijk gebruik

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-1993
Taal Engels
This part of EN 747 specifies test methods that assess the safety of bunk beds for domestic use. It is in particular intended to minimize the risk of accidents happening to children. Only the sleeping function is considered. This standard also applies to single beds for use at a height of the bed base of 800 mm or more above floor level, irrespective of the use to which the space below is put. The test are designed to be applied to a freestanding bunk bed that is fully assembled and ready for use. The test results are only valid for the article tested. When the test results are intended to be applied to other similar articles, the test specimen should be representative of the production model. In the case of designs not catered for in the test procedures, the test should be carried out as far as possible as described, and a list made of the deviations from the test procedure.


ICS-code 97.140
Nederlandse titel Meubelen - Stapelbedden voor huishoudelijk gebruik
Engelse titel Furniture - Bunk beds for domestic use - Part 2: Test methods
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