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Buitenriolering - Deel 2: Prestatie-eisen

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 17
Commissie Afvalwatertechniek
Gepubliceerd op 01-09-1996
Taal Engels
Is applicable to drain and sewer systems, which operate essentially under gravity, from the point where the sewerage leaves a building or roof drainage system, or enters a road gully, to the point where it is discharged into a treatment works or receiving water. Drains and sewer below buildings are included provided that they do not form part of the drainage system of the buildings. This part sets out the performance requirements to be taken into account when planning, designing, installing and operating drain and sewer systems that operate essentially under gravity.


ICS-code 93.030
Nederlandse titel Buitenriolering - Deel 2: Prestatie-eisen
Engelse titel Drain and sewer systems outside buildings - Part 2: Performance requirements
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  • 89/106/EEG, Bouwproducten



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