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Industriƫle robots - Veiligheid

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Status Ingetrokken
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Commissie Informatie-integratie en interoperabiliteit
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-1992
Taal Engels
This Standard provides guidance on the safety considerations for the design, construction, programming, operation, use, repair, and maintenance of manipulating industrial robots and robot systems as defined in clause 3. It does not apply to other types of robots although the safety principles established in this Standard may be utilized for these other types. For systems comprising multiple robots and/or associated material handling equipment or mobile robots, this Standard may be used for the robot system portion of the equipment. ISO 10218 was not written within all the considerations of the Machinery Directive and the European published/draft standards of type A and B. Therefore, common modifications have been introduced in this Standard. It should be noted that this standard covers requirements for the basic robot and robot system. When a robot is used as part of a complex installation it is usually provided with some form of tool or device and interacts with other machinery. This standard does not cover the safety of the tools or devices or the risks arising from the use of the robot in such installations.


ICS-code 25.040.30
Nederlandse titel Industriƫle robots - Veiligheid
Engelse titel Manipulating industrial robots - Safety
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