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Leerbewerkingsmachines - Machines met invoerwalsen - Veiligheidseisen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2010
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This European Standard specifies safety requirements for all the phases of the life of a machine listed in 5.3 a) of EN ISO 12100-1:2003. Reciprocating roller machines are machines used for the processing of animal hides and skins. They have a reciprocating opening and closing motion of the feed rollers or conveyors which, if required, may also reverse their direction. This standard covers the following reciprocating roller machines a) Buffing machines b) Polishing machines c) Ironing machines (woolskins and fur) d) Carding machines e) Shearing machines (woolskins and fur) f) Cylinder universal staking machines g) Setting-out machines h) Dewooling machines i) Scudding machines j) Unhairing (dehairing) machines k) Sammying machines l) Cylinder ironing machines m) Cylinder staking machines n) Fleshing machines o) Demanuring machines p) Wet wheeling machines q) Shaving machines (feed-out) r) Shaving machines (feed-in) It takes account of intended use, foreseeable misuse, component and systems failure. This European Standard is not applicable to reciprocating roller machines which are manufactured before the date of its publication as EN. This European Standard provides provisions for the reduction of noise emission at the design stage. However, it does not provide a noise test code for the determination by measurement of noise emission values for the machines it covers. Without such a code the manufacturer cannot fulfil his obligation to provide the noise emission values of the machines put on the market. All the significant hazards are dealt with in this European Standard except the following: - Dust, smoke and vapour emissions; - Fire. For these hazards general guidelines are proposed in normative annexes. Designers and manufacturers shall verify directly that the methods adopted to reduce these hazards have been successful.


ICS-code 59.140.40
Nederlandse titel Leerbewerkingsmachines - Machines met invoerwalsen - Veiligheidseisen
Engelse titel Tannery machines - Reciprocating roller machines - Safety requirements
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