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Explosieve atmosferen - Deel 10-1: Classificatie van gebieden - Explosieve gasatmosferen


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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 107
Commissie Elektrisch materieel i.v.m. ontploffingsgevaar
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2015
Taal Engels
NEN-EN-IEC 60079-10-1 is concerned with the classification of areas where flammable gas or vapour hazards may arise and may then be used as a basis to support the proper selection and installation of equipment for use in hazardous areas. It is intended to be applied where there may be an ignition hazard due to the presence of flammable gas or vapour, mixed with air, but it does not apply to: a) mines susceptible to firedamp; b) the processing and manufacture of explosives; c) catastrophic failures or rare malfunctions which are beyond the concept of abnormality dealt with in this standard (see 3.7.3 and 3.7.4); d) rooms used for medical purposes; e) commercial and industrial applications where only low pressure fuel gas is used for appliances e.g. for cooking, water heating and similar uses, where the installation is compliant with relevant gas codes; f) domestic premises; g) where a hazard may arise due to the presence of combustible dusts or combustible flyings but the principles may be used in assessment of a hybrid mixture (refer also IEC 60079-10-2). NOTE Additional guidance on hybrid


ICS-code 29.260.20
Nederlandse titel Explosieve atmosferen - Deel 10-1: Classificatie van gebieden - Explosieve gasatmosferen
Engelse titel Explosive atmospheres - Part 10-1: Classification of areas - Explosive gas atmospheres



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