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Explosieve atmosferen - Deel 15: Bescherming van materieel door beschermingswijze "n"

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 71
Commissie Elektrisch materieel i.v.m. ontploffingsgevaar
Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2010
Taal Engels
This part of IEC 60079 specifies requirements for the construction, testing and marking for Group II electrical equipment with type of protection, "n" intended for use in explosive gas atmospheres. This standard applies to electrical equipment where the rated voltage does not exceed 15 kV r.m.s. a.c. or d.c. This part of IEC 60079 is applicable to non-sparking electrical equipment and also to electrical equipment with parts or circuits producing arcs or sparks or having hot surfaces which, if not protected in one of the ways specified in this standard, could be capable of igniting a surrounding explosive gas atmosphere. This standard describes several different methods by which this can be achieved which may be combined with other methods described in IEC 60079-0. This standard supplements and modifies the general requirements of IEC 60079-0, except as indicated in Table 1. Where a requirement of this standard conflicts with a requirement of IEC 60079-0, the requirement of this standard takes precedence.


ICS-code 29.260.20
Nederlandse titel Explosieve atmosferen - Deel 15: Bescherming van materieel door beschermingswijze "n"
Engelse titel Explosive atmospheres - Part 15: Equipment protection by type of protection "n"



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