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Geluidsysteemapparatuur - Deel 3: Versterkers

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 62
Commissie Geluid, beeld en multimedia-apparaten en -systemen
Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2013
Taal Engels
This part of IEC 60268 applies to analogue amplifiers, and the analogue parts of analogue/digital amplifiers, which form part of a sound system for professional or household applications. It specifies the characteristics which should be included in specifications of amplifiers and the corresponding methods of measurement. In general, the specified methods of measurement are those which are seen to be most directly related to the characteristics. This does not exclude the use of other methods which give equivalent results. In general, the methods are based on the simplest measuring equipment which can provide useful results. This does not exclude the use of more complex equipment which can give higher accuracy and/or allow automatic measurement and recording of results. Rated conditions and standard measuring conditions are specified in order to allow measurements to be reliably repeated.


ICS-code 33.160.10
Nederlandse titel Geluidsysteemapparatuur - Deel 3: Versterkers
Engelse titel Sound system equipment - Part 3: Amplifiers



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