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Batterijen voor vliegtuigen - Deel 1: Algemene beproevingseisen en prestatieniveaus

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Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2013
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This part of the IEC 60952 series defines test procedures for the evaluation, comparison and qualification of batteries and states minimum performance and environmental levels for airworthiness. Where specific tests are defined with no pass/fail requirement (to establish performance capability), the manufacturer’s declared values, from qualification testing, will be used to establish minimum requirements for ongoing maintenance of approval for that design of battery. To provide representative examples, this standard utilises voltage and current values based upon an aircraft electrical system nominally rated at 28 V d.c. Additionally, the nominal values for cell voltage are assumed to be 1,2 V per cell for nickel-cadmium batteries and 2,0 V per cell for lead-acid batteries. The specific topics addressed in this part of IEC 60952 serve to establish acceptable quality standards required to qualify a battery as airworthy. In cases where the requirements for a specific application exceed those detailed in this standard, the purchaser will detail said requirements in the product specification and the method of establishing compliance. It is recognised that additional data may be required by other organisations (national standards bodies, AECMA, SAE etc.). The present standard can be used as a framework to devise tests for generation of the required data.


ICS-code 29.220.20
Nederlandse titel Batterijen voor vliegtuigen - Deel 1: Algemene beproevingseisen en prestatieniveaus
Engelse titel Aircraft batteries - Part 1: General test requirements and performance levels



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