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Batterijen voor vliegtuigen - Deel 2: Ontwerp- en constructie-eisen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-01-2005
Taal Engels, Frans
This part of IEC 60952 defines the physical design, construction and material requirements for nickel-cadmium and lead-acid aircraft batteries containing vented or valve-regulated cells or monoblocs. The batteries are used for both general purposes and specific aerospace applications. The specific topics addressed in this part serve to establish acceptable quality standards required to qualify a battery as airworthy and are divided into two classes (class I and II) as defined in Clause 3 of IEC 60952-1. A preferred range of aircraft batteries is specified in Annex A, but this part of IEC 60952 may be used for other battery sizes, arrangements and ratings. For particular applications, other design requirements may be stipulated. These will be in addition to the requirements of this part and will be covered by specific documents.


ICS-code 29.220.20
Nederlandse titel Batterijen voor vliegtuigen - Deel 2: Ontwerp- en constructie-eisen
Engelse titel Aircraft batteries - Part 2: Design and construction requirements
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