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Akoestische-oppervlaktegolfresonators (SAW) - Deel 2: Leidraad voor het gebruik

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Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2005
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SAW resonators are now widely used in a variety of applications: VCR RF-converters, CATV local oscillators, measuring equipment, remote control and so on. While SAW resonators are also applied to narrow bandwidth filters, the scope of this part of IEC 61019 is limited to SAW resonators for oscillator applications It is not the aim of this guide to explain theory, nor to attempt to cover all the eventualities which may arise in practical circumstances. This guide draws attention to some of the more fundamental questions, which should be considered by the user before he places an order for a SAW resonator for a new application. Such a procedure will be the user's insurance against unsatisfactory performance. Standard specifications, such as those of the IEC of which this guide forms a part, and national specifications or detail specifications issued by manufacturers, will define the available combinations of resonance frequency, quality factor, motional resistance, parallel capacitance, etc. These specifications are compiled to include a wide range of SAW resonators with standardized performances. It cannot be over-emphasized that the user should, wherever possible, select his SAW resonators from these specifications, when available, even if it may lead to making small modifications to his circuit to enable the use of standard resonators. This applies particularly to the selection of the nominal frequency.


ICS-code 31.140
Nederlandse titel Akoestische-oppervlaktegolfresonators (SAW) - Deel 2: Leidraad voor het gebruik
Engelse titel Surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonators - Part 2: Guide to the use



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