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Vervaardiging van documenten gebruikt in de elektrotechnologie - Deel 1: Regels

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Status Ingetrokken
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Commissie Symbolen en tekeningen
Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2006
Taal Engels, Frans
This part of IEC 61082 provides general rules and guidelines for the presentation of information in documents, and specific rules for diagrams, drawings and tables used in electrotechnology Excluded from this standard are rules and guidelines for all kind of audio or video presentations. Compared to the above replaced standards, the following substantial changes have been made: - the scope of EN 61082 has been gradually shifted from the rules of preparation of documents to the rules of presentation of information in documents; - the information is split in a way to establish general rules that are valid for the preparation of all document kinds, to more specific rules for specific document kinds; - terminology has been improved in a way that terms related to document kinds are clearly differentiated from those related to forms of presentations; - the publication is focusing on rules that support the legibility of a document and not on the process of developing the document; - examples in the publication are shown only to that extent necessary for the understanding of the concepts described. The use of comprehensive examples and diagrams are limited as such examples do not illustrate rules more efficiently than small sketches.


ICS-code 01.110
Nederlandse titel Vervaardiging van documenten gebruikt in de elektrotechnologie - Deel 1: Regels
Engelse titel Preparation of documents used in electrotechnology - Part 1: Rules
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