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Prestatie-eigenschappen van gas-analysatoren - Deel 1: Algemeen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2010
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This part of IEC 61207 is applicable to gas analyzers used for the determination of certain constituents in gaseous mixtures. This part of IEC 61207 specifies the terminology, definitions, requirements for statements by manufacturers and tests that are common to all gas analyzers. Other international standards in this series, for example IEC 61207-2, describe those aspects that are specific to certain types (utilizing high-temperature electrochemical sensors). This part IEC 61207 is in accordance with the general principles set out in IEC 60359 and IEC 60770. This standard is applicable to analyzers specified for permanent installation in any location (indoors or outdoors) and to such analyzers utilizing either a sample handling system or an in situ measurement technique. This standard is applicable to the complete analyzer when supplied by one manufacturer as an integral unit, comprised of all mechanical, electrical and electronic portions. It also applies to sensor units alone and electronic units alone when supplied separately or by different manufacturers. For the purposes of this standard, any regulator for mains-supplied power or any non-mains power supply, provided with the analyzer or specified by the manufacturer, is considered part of the analyzer whether it is integral with the analyzer or housed separately. Safety requirements are dealt with in IEC 61010-1. If one or more components in the sample is flammable, and air or another gas mixture containing oxygen or other oxidizing component is present, then the concentration range of the reactive components are limited to levels which are not within flammability limits. Standard range of analogue d.c. current and pneumatic signals used in process control systems are dealt with in IEC 60381-1 and IEC 60382. Specifications for values for the testing of influence quantities can be found in IEC 60654. Requirements for documentation to be supplied with instruments are dealt with in IEC 61187. Requirements for general principles concerning quantities, units and symbols are dealt with in ISO 1000. See also ISO 31-0. This part of IEC 61207 does not apply to: - accessories such as recorders, analogue-to-digital converters or data acquisition systems used in conjunction with the analyzer, except that when two or more such analyzers are combined and sold as a subsystem and a single electronic unit is supplied to provide continuous measurement of several properties, that read-out unit is considered to be part of the analyzer. Similarly, e.m.f-to-current or e.m.f-to-pressure converters which are an integral part of the analyzer are included. The object of this part of IEC 61207 is: - to specify the general aspects in the terminology and definitions related to the performance of gas analyzers used for the continuous measurement of gas composition; - to unify methods used in making and verifying statements on the functional performance of such analyzers; - to specify which tests should be performed in order to determine the functional performance and how such tests should be carried out; - to provide basic documents to support the application of standards of quality assurance within ISO 9001.


ICS-code 19.080
Nederlandse titel Prestatie-eigenschappen van gas-analysatoren - Deel 1: Algemeen
Engelse titel Expression of performance of gas analyzers - Part 1: General



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