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Elektrostatisch - Deel 4-9: Genormaliseerde beproevingsmethode voor specifieke toepassingen - Kleding

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Elektrostatica
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2016
Taal Engels
NEN-EN-IEC 61340-4-9 provides test methods for measuring the electrical resistance of garments used for static control applications. These test methods can be used for evaluating outer garments that are homogenously conductive or homogeneously dissipative, or that utilize surface conductive or surface dissipative components or elements. The resistance point-to-point test method tests the electrical resistance between the two sleeves, any two panels or any two or more electrically interconnected components of the static control garment, including the electrical resistance across the seams and cuffs of the garment as applicable. An alternate sleeve-to-sleeve test method is allowed, using clamps to hang a garment. Static control garments that electrically bond to the wearer and provide a path to ground from the wearer are evaluated using the resistance point-to-point test method, the resistance point to groundable point test method, as well as a system test to determine the resistance from the person through the garment to the groundable point of the garment system. A band resistance measurement test is provided in IEC 61340-4-6 which can be used for garments so equipped with cuffs that are intended to perform the same function as a wrist strap band. The system test with a person wearing a groundable static control garment system includes the ground cord that connects to the groundable point of the garment.


ICS-code 17.220.99
Nederlandse titel Elektrostatisch - Deel 4-9: Genormaliseerde beproevingsmethode voor specifieke toepassingen - Kleding
Engelse titel Electrostatics - Part 4-9: Standard test methods for specific applications - Garments



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