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Windturbines - Deel 27-1: Elektrische simulatiemodellen - Windturbines

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Commissie Windturbines
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2015
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NEN-EN-IEC 61400-27 defines standard electrical simulation models for wind turbines and wind power plants. The specified models are time domain positive sequence simulation models, intended to be used in power system and grid stability analyses. The models are applicable for dynamic simulations of short term stability in power systems. IEC 61400-27 includes procedures for validation of the specified electrical simulation models. The validation procedure for IEC 61400-27 is based on tests specified in IEC 61400-21. IEC 61400-27 consists of two parts with the following scope: - IEC 61400-27-1 specifies dynamic simulation models for generic wind turbine topologies/ concepts / configurations on the market. IEC 61400-27-1 defines the generic terms and parameters with the purpose of specifying the electrical characteristics of a wind turbine at the connection terminals. The models are described in a modular way which can be applied for future wind turbine concepts. The dynamic simulation models refer to the wind turbine terminals. The validation procedure specified in IEC 61400-27-1 focuses on the IEC 61400-21 tests for response to voltage dips, reference point changes and grid protection. - IEC 61400-27-2 specifies dynamic simulation models for the generic wind power plant topologies / configurations on the market including wind power plant control and auxiliary equipment. In addition IEC 61400-27-2 specifies a method to create models for future wind power plant configurations. The wind power plant models are based on the wind turbine models specified in IEC 61400-27-1. The electrical simulation models specified in IEC 61400-27 are independent of any software simulation tool.


ICS-code 27.180
Nederlandse titel Windturbines - Deel 27-1: Elektrische simulatiemodellen - Windturbines
Engelse titel Wind turbines - Part 27-1: Electrical simulation models - Wind turbines



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