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Functieblokken - Deel 1: Architectuur

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Commissie Industrieel meten, regelen en automatiseren
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2005
Taal Engels
This part of IEC 61499 defines a generic architecture and presents guidelines for the use of function blocks in distributed Industrial-Process Measurement and Control Systems (IPMCSs). This architecture is presented in terms of implementable reference models, textual syntax and graphical representations. These models, representations and syntax can be used for: - the specification and standardization of function block types; - the functional specification and standardization of system elements; - the implementation independent specification, analysis, and validation of distributed IPMCSs; - the configuration, implementation, operation, and maintenance of distributed IPMCSs; - the exchange of information among software tools for the performance of the above functions. Part of the purpose of this part of IEC 61499 is to provide reference models for the use of function blocks in other standards dealing with the support of the system life cycle, including system planning, design, implementation, validation, operation and maintenance. The models given in this part of IEC 61499 are intended to be generic, domain independent and extensible to the definition and use of function blocks in other standards or for particular applications or application domains. It is intended that specifications written according to the rules given in this part of IEC 61499 be concise, implementable, complete, unambiguous, and consistent.


ICS-code 25.040.40
Nederlandse titel Functieblokken - Deel 1: Architectuur
Engelse titel Function blocks - Part 1: Architecture
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