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Calibration of fibre optic chromatic dispersion test sets

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Fibre optic communications
Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2006
Taal Engels, Frans
This International Standard provides standard procedures for the calibration of optical fibre chromatic dispersion (CD) test sets. It also provides procedures to perform calibration checking on CD test sets whereby an extension to the test set calibration period may be obtained. This standard is applicable to all types of CD test sets, with the exception that measurements on multimode optical fibres are excluded. The purpose of this standard is to define a standard procedure for calibrating optical fibre chromatic dispersion (CD) test sets. The detailed calibration steps used vary according to the measurement technique used in the CD test set. Whilst it is acknowledged that chromatic dispersion also occurs in multimode fibre and this fibre may be measured on many CD test sets, this standard will restrict discussion to single mode fibre measurements only. The purpose of the procedures outlined in this standard is to focus manufacturers and users of CD test sets toward the reduction of measurement uncertainty in chromatic dispersion determination in optical fibres under all applicable conditions. The procedures apply to calibration laboratories and to the manufacturers or users of CD test sets for the purpose of a) calibrating CD test sets; b) setting specifications of CD test sets; c) extending the calibration period of an already calibrated CD test set. Use of the procedures also allows correct evaluation of CD test set uncertainty, relative and traceable to appropriate (for example, national) standards.


ICS-code 33.180.01
Engelse titel Calibration of fibre optic chromatic dispersion test sets



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