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Electricity metering equipment (AC) - General requirements, tests and test conditions - Part 31: Product safety requirements and tests

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Apparatuur voor elektrische energiemeting en belastings-regeling
Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2016
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NEN-EN-IEC 62052-31 specifies product safety requirements for equipment for electrical energy measurement and control. This International Standard applies to newly manufactured metering equipment designed to measure and control electrical energy on 50 Hz or 60 Hz networks with a voltage up to 600 V, where all functional elements, including add-on modules are enclosed in or form a single case. This International Standard also applies to metering equipment containing supply and load control switches, but only those which are electromechanical in operation. When such equipment is designed to be installed in a specified matching socket, then the requirements apply to, and the tests shall be performed on, equipment installed in its specified matching socket. However, requirements for sockets and inserting / removing the meters from the socket are outside the scope of this standard. This International Standard is also applicable to auxiliary input and output circuits. In this standard distinction is made between: - electromechanical meters, static meters and equipment for tariff and load control; - direct connected, current transformer operated, voltage and current transformer operated meters; - protective class I and protective class II equipment; - wall or cabinet mounted, rack mounted and panel mounted equipment; - equipment intended for indoor use and outdoor use. Equipment used in conjunction with equipment for electrical energy measurement and control may need to comply with additional safety requirements. See also Clause 13. This International Standard does not apply to: - equipment where the voltage line-to-neutral derived from nominal voltages exceeds 600 V; - portable meters; - laboratory and mobile meter test equipment; - reference standard meters. The safety requirements of this standard are based on the following assumptions: - metering equipment has been installed correctly; - metering equipment is used generally by unskilled persons, including meter readers and consumers of electrical energy. In many cases, it is installed in a way that it is freely accessible. Its terminal covers cannot be removed and its case cannot be opened without removing seals and using a tool; - during normal use all terminal covers, covers and barriers providing protection against accessing hazardous live parts are in place; - for installation, configuration, maintenance and repair it may be necessary to remove terminal cover(s), (a part of) the case or barriers so that hazardous live parts may become accessible. Such activities are performed by skilled personnel, who have been suitably trained to be aware of working procedures necessary to ensure safety. Therefore, safety requirements covering these conditions are out of the Scope of this standard.


ICS-code 19.080
Engelse titel Electricity metering equipment (AC) - General requirements, tests and test conditions - Part 31: Product safety requirements and tests



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