NEN-EN-IEC 62211:2017 en

Inductieve onderdelen - Betrouwbaarheidsmanagement

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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2017
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NEN-EN-IEC 62211 is applicable to inductive components (chokes and transformers) based on magnetically soft materials. These are components based especially on laminated iron sheets, iron powder materials (including alloys), as well as ferrites and amorphous or crystalline metal band cores. Winding assemblies mean wire winding assemblies as well as multilayer and stacking technologies of planar technology including coils based on non-magnetic materials. Discrete type components and the different types of surface mount inductive components (SMD) are also considered in this document. The reliability of assemblies of inductive components based on several technologies such as glued types, types with clamps (clips), impregnated (varnished) types as well as (vacuum) potted types can also be checked with this document. The subsequent determinations can be applied either for the primary qualification of inductive components or for all manners of requalification examinations (design, process, change of production facility). They can also be applied for the monitoring of products out of actual manufacturing processes. This document sets up a broad basis of electric and mechanical criteria of failure test procedures. If manufacturers advertise compliance with this standard in their data sheets, customers can request data to demonstrate compliance with this standard. The customers can also request the product to be in compliance with this standard by a recognised body. Customers and manufacturers can elect to perform additional testing and acceptance criteria different than those defined in this standard.


ICS-code 29.100.10
Nederlandse titel Inductieve onderdelen - Betrouwbaarheidsmanagement
Engelse titel Inductive components - Reliability management



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