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Brandstofceltechnologie - Deel 3-3 - Stationaire brandstofcelsystemen - Installatie

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Commissie Waterstof en brandstofcellen
Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2008
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This part of IEC 62282 provides minimum safety requirements for the installation of indoor and outdoor stationary fuel cell power systems in compliance with IEC 62282-3-1 and applies to the installation of the mentioned systems - intended for electrical connection to mains directly or with a transfer switch, - intended for a stand-alone power distribution system, - intended to provide AC or DC power, - with or without the ability to recover useful heat. This part of IEC 62282 does not cover: - fuel supply and/or fuel storage systems, - power connector to the grid, - portable fuel cell power systems, - propulsion fuel cell power systems, - APU (auxiliary power units) applications. A typical stationary fuel cell power system installation is represented in Figure 1. Fuel cell power systems are divided into two categories: - Small systems. - Large systems. Definitions are given in Clause 3.


ICS-code 27.070
Nederlandse titel Brandstofceltechnologie - Deel 3-3 - Stationaire brandstofcelsystemen - Installatie
Engelse titel Fuel cell technologies - Part 3-3: Stationary fuel cell power systems - Installation
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