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Brandstofceltechnologie - Deel 5-1: Draagbare brandstofcelsystemen - Veiligheid

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Commissie Waterstof en brandstofcellen
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2007
Taal Engels, Frans
This part of IEC 62282 covers construction, marking and test requirements for a.c. and d.c. type portable fuel cell systems. These fuel cell systems are movable and not fastened or otherwise secured to a specific location. The purpose of the portable fuel cell system is to produce useable power. This standard applies to a.c. and d.c. type portable fuel cell systems, with a rated output voltage not exceeding 600 V a.c., or 850 V d.c. for indoor and outdoor use in a non-hazardous area. This standard does not apply to portable fuel cell systems that are: a) permanently connected (hard wired) to the electrical distribution system; b) permanently connected to a utility fuel distribution system; c) exporting power to the grid; d) for propulsion or auxiliary power of road vehicles; e) micro fuel cell systems. The following fuels and fuel feedstocks are considered within the scope of this standard: natural gas; liquefied petroleum gas, such as propane and butane; liquid alcohols, for example methanol, ethanol; gasoline; diesel; kerosene; hydrogen; metals (e.g. Mg, Al or Zn) or metal alloys immersed in electrolyte (e.g. aqueous solutions of salts or alkali) in air or oxygen; chemical hydrides. This standard does not preclude the use of similar fuels or oxidants from sources other than air provided the unique hazards are addressed through additional requirements.


ICS-code 27.070
Nederlandse titel Brandstofceltechnologie - Deel 5-1: Draagbare brandstofcelsystemen - Veiligheid
Engelse titel Fuel cell technologies - Part 5-1: Portable fuel cell power systems - Safety
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