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Halfgeleider relais

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Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2006
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This International Standard applies to particular all-or-nothing electrical relays denominated solid-state relays intended for performing electrical operations by single step function changes to the state of electric circuits between the OFF-state and the ON-state and vice versa. It is applicable to solid-state relays with rated voltages up to 750 V and with a.c. output current up to 160 A. This standard deals with solid-state relays which are intended for incorporation in other products or equipment. As such, solid state relays are considered to be components and this standard defines the basic safety-related and functional requirements for solid-state relays as stand-alone components. Such solid-state relays are incorporated in products or equipment which themselves have to comply with the relevant product and/or application standard(s) to meet their intended application. The following are examples of such applications: - general industrial equipment; - electrical facilities; - electrical machines; - electrical appliances; - office communications; - building automation and environmental control; - automation and process control; - electrical installation engineering; - medical engineering; - telecommunications; - vehicle engineering; - transportation engineering; - lighting control. Solid state relays are components (not stand alone devices) and as such do not perform a direct function. Therefore, no EMC requirements are included in this standard. Where the application of a solid-state relay determines additional requirements such as EMC and overcurrent protection, the solid-state relay shall be assessed in accordance with the relevant IEC standard(s). Solid-state switching devices with monolithic structures fall within the scope of IEC subcommittee 47E and are not covered in this standard. Semiconductor controllers and contactors fall within the scope of the IEC 60947 series of standards - Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - developed by IEC subcommittee 17B and are not covered in this standard. Compliance with the requirements of this standard is verified by the type tests indicated. The object of this standard is to state: - the characteristics of solid-state relays; - the requirements which solid-state relays shall comply with reference to a) their operation and behaviour; b) their dielectric properties; c) the degrees of protection provided by their enclosures, where applicable; - the tests verifying that the requirements have been met, and the test methods to be adopted; - the information to be given with the solid-state relay or in the manufacturer's documentation.


ICS-code 29.120.70
Nederlandse titel Halfgeleider relais
Engelse titel Solid-state relays



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