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Framework for energy market communications - Part 503: Market data exchanges guidelines for the IEC 62325-351 profile

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2018
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NEN-EN-IEC 62325-503 is for European electricity markets. This document specifies a standard for a communication platform which every Transmission System Operator (TSO) in Europe can use to exchange reliably and securely documents for the energy market. Consequently a European market participant (TSO, regional supervision centre, distribution utility, power exchange, etc.) could benefit from a single, common, harmonised and secure platform for message exchange with other participants; thus, reducing the cost of building different information technology (IT) platforms to interface with all the parties involved. “MADES” (MArket Data Exchange Standard) is the acronym to designate this standard. MADES is a specification for a decentralised common communication platform based on international IT standards: • From an application program perspective, MADES specifies the software interfaces to exchange electronic documents with peer applications. Such interfaces mainly provide means to send and receive documents using a so-called “MADES communication system” (or "MADES system" or simply "system"). The sender can request about the status of the delivery of a document and the recipient issues a message back, the acknowledgement, when receiving the document. This makes a MADES system usable for exchanging documents in business processes requiring a reliable delivery. • MADES also specifies services hidden to the applications such as recipient localisation, recipient connection status, message routing and security. Services include directory, authentication, signing, encryption, message tracking, message logging and message temporary storage. The purpose of MADES is to create a secured message exchange standard based on standard communication protocols and utilising IT best practices for exchanging data over any TCP/IP communication network, in order to facilitate business-to-business (B2B) information exchanges as described in IEC 62325-351 and the IEC 62325-451 series. A MADES system acts as a post-office organisation: the transported object is a “message” in which the document of the sender is securely packaged in an envelope containing metadata, which is necessary information for transportation, tracking and delivery.


ICS-code 33.200
Engelse titel Framework for energy market communications - Part 503: Market data exchanges guidelines for the IEC 62325-351 profile



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