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Gegoten krimpvormen - Deel 1: Definities en algemene eisen

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 9
Commissie Isolatiesystemen
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2006
Taal Engels
This standard is applicable to heat shrinkable moulded shapes in a range of configurations and materials suitable for insulation, environmental sealing, mechanical protection and strain relief for connector/cable terminations and multi-way transitions. It specifies the design and dimensions, test methods, material requirements and compatibility performance. The most commonly available shapes are as shown in Annex A. Materials which conform to this specification meet established levels of performance. However, the selection of a material by a user for a specific application should be based on the actual requirements necessary for adequate performance in that application and not based on this specification alone.


ICS-code 29.035.20
Nederlandse titel Gegoten krimpvormen - Deel 1: Definities en algemene eisen
Engelse titel Heat shrinkable moulded shapes - Part 1: Definitions and general requirements
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