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Medische elektrische toestellen - Periodiek testen en testen na reparatie van medische elektrische toestellen

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Commissie Medische elektrische toestellen
Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2008
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This International Standard applies to testing of MEDICAL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT and MEDICAL ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS, hereafter referred to as ME EQUIPMENT and ME SYSTEMS, or parts of such equipment or systems, which comply with IEC 60601-1, before PUTTING INTO SERVICE, during MAINTENANCE, INSPECTION, SERVICING and after REPAIR or on occasion of RECURRENT TESTS to assess the safety of such ME EQUIPMENT or ME SYSTEMS or parts thereof. For equipment not built to IEC 60601-1 these requirements may be used taking into account the safety standards for the design and information in the instructions for use of that equipment. This standard contains tables with allowable values relating to different editions of IEC 60601-1. For the purpose of this standard, the application of measuring methods is independent of the edition according to which the ME EQUIPMENT OR ME SYSTEM is designed. This standard contains: - "general requirements", which contain clauses of general concern, and - "particular requirements", further clauses handling special types of ME EQUIPMENT or ME SYSTEMS and applying in connection with the "General requirements". This standard is not suitable to assess whether ME EQUIPMENT or ME SYSTEMS or any other equipment comply with the relevant standards for their design. This standard does not define requirements for REPAIR, exchange of components and MODIFICATION of ME EQUIPMENT or ME SYSTEMS. This standard is also applicable to tests after REPAIR. The testing shall be defined according to the extent of work performed and applicable guidance from the MANUFACTURER. This standard is not intended to define time intervals for RECURRENT TESTS. If such intervals are not defined by the MANUFACTURER, Annex F may be used to help establish such intervals. 62353


ICS-code 11.040
Nederlandse titel Medische elektrische toestellen - Periodiek testen en testen na reparatie van medische elektrische toestellen
Engelse titel Medical electrical equipment - Recurrent test and test after repair of medical electrical equipment
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