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Spoorwegen en soortgelijk geleid vervoer - Rollend materieel - Voedingssystemen met energie-opslag aan boord - Deel 1: Serieel-hybride systemen

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Commissie Elektrisch materieel, systemen en elektronische toepassingen voor spoorwegen en soortgelijk geleid vervoer
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2016
Taal Engels
NEN-EN-IEC 62864-1 applies to series hybrid systems (electrically connected) with onboard energy storage (hereinafter referred as hybrid system). A hybrid system has two (or more) power sources including energy storage system (ESS) on board to achieve the following features by combining converter and motors and performing energy management control: - improving energy and fuel efficiency, improving acceleration characteristics, increasing running distance and uninterrupted running in the event of the loss of the primary power source (PPS), by using an ESS in addition to the primary power source under conditions where the power and capacity of the power source including regenerative power are limited, thus alleviating those limitations; - reducing fuel consumption, reducing emissions (e.g. CO2, NOx, PM, etc.); - reducing environmental impact (e.g. visible obstruction, noise, etc.). By extension, systems that have only onboard ESS, without other PPSs, is also considered in this standard. This standard intends to specify the following basic requirements, characteristics, functions and test methods for hybrid systems: - energy management to control the power flow among primary power source, energy storage system and power converters; - energy consumption, energy efficiency and regenerated energy; - vehicle characteristics achieved by energy storage system; - test methods of combined test; and - test methods of completed vehicles based on factory (stationary) and field (running) tests. The interfaces between the following power sources are covered: - external electric power supply system; - onboard ESSs (including pure onboard energy storage); - fuel cell, diesel electric generator; and - other power sources. As for the combination of inverters and motors, this standard applies to asynchronous motors or synchronous motors that are powered via voltage-source inverters. Power source systems and combination of inverters and motors are not limited to the listed above, but this standard can also be applied to future systems. This part of IEC 62864 covers electrically connected systems (series hybrid), and not systems that mechanically transmit the driving force (parallel hybrid).


ICS-code 45.060
Nederlandse titel Spoorwegen en soortgelijk geleid vervoer - Rollend materieel - Voedingssystemen met energie-opslag aan boord - Deel 1: Serieel-hybride systemen
Engelse titel Railway applications - Rolling stock - Power supply with onboard energy storage system - Part 1: Series hybrid system



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