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Documentbeheer - Deel 2: Metadataelementen en informatiereferentiemodel

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2005
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This part of IEC 82045 provides a comprehensive set of standardized metadata elements for document management in accordance with IEC 82045-1. To enable this, a standardized EXPRESS-based information reference model [30] is provided in Annex A. The information reference model is the basis from which the metadata elements are derived. The information reference model also provides a standardized framework for data exchange and a basis for the implementation of a document management system. This document also provides a standardized DTD (Document Type Definition) based on the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) language for the purpose of document exchange, see Annex B. It is directed towards end users of document management systems. The Annexes are in addition directed primarily to developers of software for such systems. The document is intended as a general basic resource for document management. This part of IEC 82045 does not specify physical locations nor arrangements of labels on documents, nor layouts of drawings, documents etc.


ICS-code 1.110
Nederlandse titel Documentbeheer - Deel 2: Metadataelementen en informatiereferentiemodel
Engelse titel Document management - Part 2: Metadata elements and information reference model



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