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Warm-smeltlijnen - Bepaling van de thermische stabiliteit

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Status Definitief
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Gepubliceerd op 01-07-1995
Taal Engels
The method is based on placing a stainless steel or glass vessel in an oil bath or oven, adding a sufficient quantity of the adhesive to the vessel, melting the sample, measuring the viscosity at the operating temperature and the softening point, repeating these operations at regular time intervals of between 4 h and 6 h, until the time for stopping the test according topre-determined criteria is reached, and observing and recording, at the time that each measurement is taken, the following phenomena: skin information, fumes, phase separation, gelation, change in colour.


ICS-code 83.180
Nederlandse titel Warm-smeltlijnen - Bepaling van de thermische stabiliteit
Engelse titel Hot-melt adhesives - Determination of thermal stability



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