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Ergonomisch ontwerp van controlecentra - Deel 6: Omgevingseisen voor controlecentra

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Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2003
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Establishes environmental requirements for the ergonomic design, upgrading or refurbishment of control rooms and other functional areas within the control suite. The following aspects are covered: -thermal environment (temperate regions); -air quality; -lighting environment; -acoustic environment; -vibration; -aesthetics and interior design. The influence of electromagnetic fields on human beings is not yet well understood and, for this reason, no particular requirements are identified through ISO 11064-6. Concerning the influence of electromagnetic fields on the image quality of visual displays, guidance is given in ISO 9241-6. ISO 11064-6 is closely connected with ISO 11064-2 and ISO 11064-3, which describe the control room layout. It also relates to ISO 11064-5, concerning the design of equipment interfaces, which are influenced by environmental factors. Designers should also take account of the more general environmental requirements associated with display screen equipment use presented in ISO EN 9241: Ergonomic Requirements for Office Work with Visual Display Terminals', Parts 6 & 7. All types of control centres are covered including those for the process industry, transport and dispatching systems and emergency services. Though this International Standard is primarily intended for non-mobile control centres many of the principles are relevant to mobile centres such as those found on ships, locomotives and aircraft.


ICS-code 13.180
Nederlandse titel Ergonomisch ontwerp van controlecentra - Deel 6: Omgevingseisen voor controlecentra
Engelse titel Ergonomic design of control centres - Part 6:Environmental requirements for control centres
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