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Luchtkwaliteit - Monsternemingsprocedures voor zwevende deeltjesafzetting in het menselijk ademhalingssysteem

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Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2010
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Sampling conventions are presented for defining idealized samplers for estimating the deposition of nonvolatile, non-hygroscopic, non-fibrous aerosols in 5 specific loci of the respiratory tract as computed according to a model developed by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP (1994) [1]). The five loci consist of the anterior and posterior areas of the nasal passages, the ciliated and non-ciliated parts of the tracheobronchial area, and the alveolar (gas exchange) region. The conventions are separated into 3 independent sampling efficiencies defined in terms of thermodynamic diameter characterizing the diffusive (Brownian) motion of sub-micrometer particles and 4 efficiencies in terms of aerodynamic diameter > 0,1 μm characterizing deposition by impaction or gravitational settling. Each conventional curve was developed as an average of 12 deposition curves corresponding to 12 breathing conditions ranging from sitting to heavy exercise, male vs female, and breathing mode (mouth vs nasal breathing). The conventions complement ISO 7708 which specifies particle penetration conventions (inhalable, thoracic, and respirable) currently in use internationally for determining compliance with permissible occupational exposure levels for aerodynamic diameter larger than 0,1 μm. This International Standard is, instead, directed towards encouraging the design of simple-to-use personal samplers for locus-specific health research by identifying particles that are deposited, rather than simply penetrate to an area possibly without depositing. The deposition conventions also cover a larger particle size range: from 0,005 μm to 100 μm. Various applications are suggested, ranging from using an array of conventional samplers for estimating deposition for a specific set of breathing conditions (work load, breathing mode, and sex) to the use of a single sampler to estimate the mean deposition averaged over the breathing conditions.


ICS-code 13.040.01
Nederlandse titel Luchtkwaliteit - Monsternemingsprocedures voor zwevende deeltjesafzetting in het menselijk ademhalingssysteem
Engelse titel Air quality - Sampling conventions for airborne particle deposition in the human respiratory system
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