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Kathodische bescherming van haveninstallaties

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This European Standard defines the means to be used to cathodically protect the immersed and buried metallic external surfaces of steel harbour installations and appurtenances in sea water and saline mud. This European Standard covers the cathodic protection of fixed and floating structures. This essentially includes piers, jetties, dolphins (mooring and berthing), sheet or tubular piling, pontoons, buoys, floating docks, lock and sluice gates. It also covers the submerged areas of appurtenances, such as chains attached to the structure, when these are not electrically isolated from the structure. It does not cover the cathodic protection of fixed or floating offshore structures, submarine pipelines or ships. This European Standard does not include the internal protection of surfaces of any components such as ballast tanks and internals of floating structures or the internals or back faces of sheet steel piling which is in contact with backfill. This European Standard covers the cathodic protection of structures fabricated principally from bare or coated carbon manganese steels. As some parts of the structure may be made of metallic materials other than carbon manganese steels, the cathodic protection system should be designed to ensure that there is a complete control over any galvanic coupling and minimise risks due to hydrogen embrittlement or hydrogen induced cracking (see EN 12473). This European Standard does not cover concrete structures. This European Standard is applicable to the whole submerged zone in sea water, brackish waters and saline mud which can normally be found in harbour installations wherever these structures are fixed or floating. For surfaces which are alternately immersed and exposed to the atmosphere, the cathodic protection is only effective when the immersion time is sufficiently long for the steel to become polarised. This European Standard does not cover safety and environmental protection aspects associated with cathodic protection. The relevant national or international regulations shall apply.


ICS-code 25.220.40
Nederlandse titel Kathodische bescherming van haveninstallaties
Engelse titel Cathodic protection of harbour installations
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