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Aardolie- en aardgasindustrie - Omleidingsapparatuur voor ondiep gas

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Commissie Gas- en oliewinning en -productie
Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2013
Taal Engels
This International Standard specifies requirements for the selection of the diverter equipment for rigs used to drill shallow-gas-bearing formations. It covers both onshore and offshore drilling operations, and considers also the auxiliary equipment associated with floating rigs. The specified requirements concern the following diverter equipment: - annular sealing devices; - vent outlets; - diverter valves; - diverter piping. This International Standard highlights the concerns associated with the selection of a marine floating drilling support. It covers safety issues concerning key rig equipment, and important steps of action required prior to starting the drilling operations. It provides only general guidelines regarding the response to be given to a shallow-gas flow.


ICS-code 75.180.10
Nederlandse titel Aardolie- en aardgasindustrie - Omleidingsapparatuur voor ondiep gas
Engelse titel Petroleum and natural gas industries - Shallow gas diverter equipment
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