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Milieumanagement - Levenscyclusanalyse - Eisen en richtlijnen

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This international standard specifies the requirements and the procedures necessary for life cycle assessment (LCA) including: a) The compilation and preparation of the definition of goal and scope of the LCA; b) The life cycle inventory analysis (LCI) phase; c) The life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) phase; d) The life cycle interpretation phase; e) The reporting and critical review of the LCA; f) The limitations of the LCA; g) The relationship between the LCA phases.; h) The conditions for use of value choices and optional elements. This International Standard covers life cycle assessment (LCA) studies and life cycle inventory (LCI) studies. The intended application of LCA or LCI results is considered during the goal and scope definition, but the application is outside the scope of this International Standard. This International Standard, like other International Standards, is not intended to be used to create non-tariff trade barriers or to increase or change an organization's legal obligations. Neither is the standard intended for contractual or regulatory purposes or registration and certification.


ICS-code 13.020.10
Nederlandse titel Milieumanagement - Levenscyclusanalyse - Eisen en richtlijnen
Engelse titel Environmental management - Life cycle assessment - Requirements and guidelines
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