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Akoestiek - Leidraad voor de geluidbeheersing door dempers

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Commissie Akoestiek
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-1996
Taal Engels
Deals with the practical selection of silencers for noise control in gaseous media. It specifies the acoustical and operational requirements which are to be agreed upon between the supplier or manufacturer and the user of a silencer. The basic principles of operation are described in this standard, but is not a silencer design guide. The silencers described are suitable, among other, - for attenuating system noise and preventing crosstalk in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment; - for preventing or reducing sound transmission through ventilation openings from rooms with high inside sound levels; - for attenuating intake and exhaust noise generated by internal combustion engines, and - for attenuating intake and outlet noise from fans, compressors and turbines. They are classified according to their types, perfomance characteristics and applications. Active noise-control systems are not covered in detail in this standard.


ICS-code 17.140.01
Nederlandse titel Akoestiek - Leidraad voor de geluidbeheersing door dempers
Engelse titel Acoustics - Guidelines for noise control by silencers



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