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Verven en vernissen - Indeukproef

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 7
Commissie Verfwaren
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2001
Taal Engels
Specifies an empirical test procedure for assessing the resistance of a coating of paint, varnish or related product to cracking and/or detachment from a metal substrate when subjected to gradual deformation by indentation under standard conditions. For a multi-coat system, each coat may be tested separately or the complete system may be tested. The method specified may be carried out - either as a "pass/fail" test, by testing to a specified depth of indentation to assess compliance with a particular requirement ; - or by gradually increasing the depth of indentation to determine the minimum depth at wich the coating cracks and/or becomes detached from the substrate.


ICS-code 87.040
Nederlandse titel Verven en vernissen - Indeukproef
Engelse titel Paints and varnishes - Cupping test
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