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Het kwalificeren van lassers voor onderwaterlassen - Deel 1: Hyperbaar natlassen

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 23
Commissie Lassen en verwante processen
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2016
Taal Engels
NEN-EN-ISO 15618-1 specifies essential requirements, ranges of qualification, test conditions, acceptance requirements and certification for the qualification testing of welder-diver performance. This standard is applicable for hyperbaric wet welding on steel. The recommended format for the certificate of qualification testing is given in Annex A. During the qualification test the welder-diver may be required to show adequate job knowledge of the welding processes, materials and safety requirements for which he is to be qualified, information on these aspects is given in Annex B. The welding processes referred to in this standard include those fusion welding processes which are designated as manual or partly mechanised welding. It does not cover fully mechanised and fully automatic processes (see 5.2). All new qualifications shall be in accordance with this standard from the date of issue. However, this standard does not invalidate previous welder-diver qualifications made to former national standards or specifications, providing the intent of the technical requirements is satisfied and the previous qualifications are relevant to the application and production work on which they are employed. The certificate of qualification testing is issued under the sole responsibility of the examiner or examining body.


ICS-code 25.160.01
Nederlandse titel Het kwalificeren van lassers voor onderwaterlassen - Deel 1: Hyperbaar natlassen
Engelse titel Qualification testing of welders for underwater welding - Part 1: Hyperbaric wet welding



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