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Klimaatomstandigheden - Koude werkplekken - Risicobeoordeling en -management

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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2005
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This International Standard gives instructions for the appropriate assessment and management practices for cold workplaces. The standard describes: - Model and methods for risk assessment practices in cold work; - Model and a method how occupational health care professionals can identify individuals having symptoms which increase their cold sensitivity and, with the help of the identification, give optimal guidance and instructions for individual cold protection; - Informative guidelines how to apply different international thermal standards and other validated scientific methods when assessing cold related risks; - Model and methods for cold risk management practices; - Practical examples from cold work. This International Standard supports good occupational safety and health practices. This International Standard is applicable to both indoor and outdoor work situations. Indoor work includes also work done in vehicles. Outdoor work includes both inland and offshore work. The standard is not applicable to diving situations or other type of work performed underwater.


ICS-code 13.180
Nederlandse titel Klimaatomstandigheden - Koude werkplekken - Risicobeoordeling en -management
Engelse titel Ergonomics of the thermal environment - Cold workplaces - Risk assessment and management
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