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In situ beproevingsmethoden voor filtersystemen met een zeer hoog rendement in industriƫle installaties

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This standard applies for HEPA and ULPA users that want to control in-situ the performances of these filters implemented in their applications, in particular in some technical fields for which the aerosol filters are used to limit releases towards the environment (e.g. nuclear facilities or facilities with aerosol toxic or biological releases). This standard excludes the application already covered by ISO 14644-3 (Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments - Part 3: Test methods). The scope of this standard includes detail of the method or methods which must be applied to the periodic testing of HEPA and ULPA filters which are used in demanding applications aiming at protecting the environment such as the nuclear industry. This will include examples of applicable and non-applicable uses of filters as well as specification of the test interval, aerosol type, aerosol mixing and measurement methods. i.e. - Aerosol - Solid or liquid, monodisperse or polydisperse - Mixing - Degree of mixing, mixing lengths etc - Method - Injection, detection. This standard proposes an outline testing philosophy, presented in the main body of the document to highlight the following: - Principle of the method - Prerequisites - Preparatory Conditions - Injected Aerosol Properties - Qualification and Selection of Devices - Qualification of Test Personnel - Test Setup - Test Sequence - Evaluation and Reporting Reference test methods are presented in Annexes B and C. The choice of the reference methods have been made according to benchmarks showing the most challenging particles for the filters since the results have to be considered in a conservative way for assessing the efficiency/decontamination factor of industries needing to limit the releases towards the environment. For industries that could release toxic or radioactive aerosols, the main goal of the tests is to measure efficiency/decontamination factor. Specific systems operating at high temperature or with specific gaseous effluents, carried out by the ventilation network, that could alter the measurements could be covered by specific test methods.


ICS-code 91.140.30
Nederlandse titel In situ beproevingsmethoden voor filtersystemen met een zeer hoog rendement in industriƫle installaties
Engelse titel In situ test methods for very high efficiency filter systems in industrial facilities
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