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Intelligente transportsystemen - Automatische identificatie van wegvoertuigen en -materieel - Architectuur en terminologie voor intermodaal goederentransport

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2011
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This Draft International Standard describes the conceptual and logical architecture for automatic vehicle and Equipment identification (AVI/AEI) and supporting services in an intermodal/multimodal environment. This Draft International Standard presents a high level view of AEI intermodal and multimodal system Architecture. The Draft International Standard describes the key sub systems, their associated interfaces and interactions and how they fit into System wide functions such as Management, Security and Information Flow. The Architecture is product independent, e.g. individual modules within sub systems e.g. the data tag module within the data capture sub system will be described in terms of system parameters not in terms of a defined or named product specification. This Draft International Standard identifies the context of intermodal/multimodal AEI within the overall AVI/AEI context and key external inter-dependencies and interfaces to the intermodal/multimodal Sector IT infrastructure. These include interfaces to the external and internal users of the Intermodal/multimodal System services and their associated IT systems, interfaces to Intermodal/multimodal management systems, existing Intermodal/multimodal networks and System Operations, and specifically interfaces to item identification and the domain of ISO/IEC SC 31, item logistics Standards. As an architecture it is designed to be complementary and interlocking to that domain. This Draft International Standard relates to AVI/AEI units, but not to smaller containers and items being transported. Whilst the architecture described within this Draft International Standard shows the interrelationship to the item identification domain (see Annex A), for smaller items (pallet loads, trays, parcels etc.), Standardization will be undertaken by ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 31. Supporting Standards developed by ISO/TC 204 will be limited to vehicle, trailer and AVI/AEI unit identification, whereas ISO/SC 31 Standards will work from units of pallet (and equivalent) size down to item level. This Draft International Standard is intended to be complementary and consistent with the work of ISO/TC 104 (ISO Containers). This Draft International Standard extends the conceptual and communication AVI architecture determined in ISO/IS 14814 and is neither frequency nor air interface protocol specific. It provides maximum interoperability, has a high population capability, and provides the possibility of upwards migration to more capable systems.


ICS-code 03.220.01
Nederlandse titel Intelligente transportsystemen - Automatische identificatie van wegvoertuigen en -materieel - Architectuur en terminologie voor intermodaal goederentransport
Engelse titel Intelligent transport systems - Automatic vehicle and equipment identification - Intermodal goods transport architecture and terminology
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